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Mana Storia bot guide

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If you haven't already configure your bot and Bluestacks, guide can be found here:

Note: As this is a new bot - You must point your bot to beta to get the latest update (see above link for details)

In-game requirements:
-Mana Potions
-Health Potions

In order for the bot to work property make sure when you log into the game, it is zoomed out (the game itself is buggy and sometimes logs in zoomed in - Close bluestacks and re-open game to fix it)

Game should look like this:


Configure your mStoria-config file, start the bot and let it do the farming for you ;)


-Auto repeat battles
-Auto join Raids
-Auto repair
-Auto recover from crash
-Farm any stages
-Auto complete Expeditions
-Auto collect Mats (Forest, Lake, Cave)
-Auto kills stage boss (on selected stages)

Suggested stage to farm: Luon Highway: Stage 32
Average Gold earned per hour: 3500!
Secret is to lvl up an earth based skill such as Impale and 1 hit the Eagles ;)

Demo Video:

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