Capsuleer outpost defence bot?

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Capsuleer outpost defence bot?

Post by Vorik »

Hey guys, woule love a BOT option for EVE Echoes that can operate a Capsuleer outpost for defence purposes. Basically, once the POS is fit with weapons, and we put the bot in station control setting, that the bot can lock on and shoot any red who shows up. With the discovery of scanning next patch or even now if they scout your POS, such a bot or addition to the current bot will be amazing.

With control of small and mid missile weapon systems and other mods, it will be essential in savings our stations.

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Re: Capsuleer outpost defence bot?

Post by PiXeLBoTTeR »

This would be a big giveaway that you're a bot as it would engage anytime an enemy was near.

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