Getting Started!

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Getting Started!

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Thanks for supporting the bot!

Before you go further always make sure that you have the latest bot!

Bot usually auto updates for most people but just in case here's the direct ftp link:

STFC Quick start video:

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest bot addition & demo videos: ... sgd4T7mrLg

For quick support join our self hosted chat as we've moved away from discord:
This is for our own protection & yours (Away from any official platform to be reported)

List of currently supported games:

EvE Echoes quick start video:

STFC quick start video:


Note: In Bluestacks, set your performance mode to low memory. For some users it has proved to be much more stable when botting.


All of the below file extension will be .yaml - make sure to leave that extension. You can edit the files with Notepad or Notepad++ (Recommended)


-Load up Bluestacks > Enable ADB & Set the the following settings
-Each Instance you run you MUST do the same step (Enable ADB) and restart bluestacks



-Restart bluestacks & Log into the game of your choice


-Open your conf folder > Rename login.example to login & put in your bot account info (Check your paypal email address)

-If you are using the FREE 1 hour trial: leave the default user & passowrd

NOTE: New bots are usually on the beta release

-Edit your game-settings.example - and configure it how you like (No need to rename it)
-loglevel: info (displays bot functions when the bot is running)
-loglevel: debug (generates logs while the bot runs, set this only when troubleshooting)


-Start pixelbotter and wait for the GUI to load (May take a few min)
-Log into the game of your choice (Zoom out in game if you can)
-Click SCAN and wait for the port scans, then click START


-The bot will save your game settings in the Port folder which it detected from BlueStacks
-If you need to make changes such as switching to debug mode go to your port folder eg: 5555 > Open eve-settings.yaml
(or which game you are botting) and change loglevel: debug


-If you are trying to bot multi instance make sure to enable adb on those instance as well
-Your game settings will be placed in your conf folder > Inside the port folder the game was detected in (eg: 5555)
-If you're running multi Instance - It might be a good idea to rename your BlueStacks instance to the same port name to easily manage your settings (Remember to enable ADB on all of your instances)