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Post by bobwarsrvng »

Here are a few suggestions I have from using the bot thus far:

1. Avoiding tails. When in a enemy system, it will spawn an attacker to follow you and well, attack. Its not a problem at lower levels, but farming at higher ones is instant death. So having an option to avoid those would be neat.

2. Mining. A bot that could take a ship to a specified system, check for open nodes and take if available.

2a. Mining. The ability to already be mining and having two ships on scene and having it swap and recall the miner at a specified point. RInse and repeat.

3. Borg. You need to answer a new prompt to enter Borg systems and a drop down to specify how many trips to take.

4. Auto collection. It would be neat if it could auto collect the resources from the base. If any. Could be tick box.

Thats all I can think of right now. If I can think of others I will update this.

Thanks for the hard work!

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Re: Suggestions

Post by PiXeLBoTTeR »

Thanks for the suggestions:

1) Not possible to avoid the hunters as the bot is mage based and it looks similar to other ships except the ring
2) Mining will be looked at in the future - nothing planned atm
3) If you can come by discord and provide me the images that would help a lot and i'll try to have it on next release
4) Auto collection was there at one point but removed since nobody wanted it

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