1 Week Access

One week access trial to test the bot with premium features without the free version limitations.

[Allows 1 Session]

1 Month Access

Budget pricing to give the bot a real chance to show off it's talent and AI while enjoying the Premium features!

[Allows 2 Sessions]

3 Month Access

3 months access which is a great price for excellent savings. Premium features for a longer period covering free updates.

[Allows 3 Sessions]

6 Month Access

6 Month access at an amazing price! Premium features for 6 months covering free updates & remote support!

[Allows 4 Sessions]

Instant access to bot sent out to your PayPal email after purchase! Includes access to all games at no additional cost!

THE BEST DEAL ($11.66/Month) - 1 Full Year access with the cheapest price!

[Allows 5 Sessions]